Saturday, September 29, 2007

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Ezra Young Teeples

It's hard to beleive our baby turned 8 months old yesterday! That's 2/3 of a year! I've never met a happier person in all my life. From the day he was born he's been so easy going and agreeable. At a time when our lives are so high-strung and stressful, it's nice to settle down and play with someone who loves you no matter what, always plays fair, smiles with a mere glance, and laughs when you bite him. When we wrestle, I tickle him with my head as he grapples for my ears. He wins when his little nails dig into my tender cartilaginous auditory appendiages and draw blood; while I win when he's tickled just enough that his laugh turns into a squak.

If he's anything like the other two, he should be sprouting teeth any time. Hair, however, will probably not be coming on-line until January or February...


Mayo Clinic Rochester

Here are a few pictures of the Mayo Clinic. I've loved being here.
It's a big change from Harvard and Boston, and I can honestly say I love my job!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

There's a monkey!

Our neighbors were playing "chase the monkey" with their dad and I got an idea.

I've never made so many kids cry by any other way than by donning my gorilla suit.

Never fails.

Peas in a pod

One of my greatest blessings is that my two oldest children are such best friends. They self enterain each other for hours on end. They teach, help, love and serve each other. They are loyal, fiercely, to each other. One night I tackled Kazoo and tickled her vigorously. The next thing I realized Buzz was running down the hall yelling kamakazi-style headed straight for me with fire in his eyes and a baseball bat poised over his head in striking possition! A wild wrestling match ensued...

the Dave-Set

The word 'swing-set' didn't quite cut it. Nat's dad, Dave, drove 2000 miles with this tools and helped us build the coolest play-set imaginable. We dreamed, designed, sketched, found lumber, cut the trees, hauled the logs, and constructed the funnest backyard ever!

Start at the beginning

Natalie and I were married after meeting on the Ricks College cross-country team.

I would truly be lost without my exquisitely delicate, elegantly beautiful, romantically attractive, unusually clever, dashingly gorgeous, abundantly gifted, amazingly gentle, astonishingly brilliant, surprisingly good, particularly pretty, hilariously humorous, greatly devoted, exceptionally talented, extraordinarily spiritual, extremely involved, enormously entertaining, and tremendously happy woman!
Each day I realize my life is blessed because of Natalie and the way she lives her life.