Monday, September 28, 2009

Happy Happy!

Tyson's grandma Teeples never says "Happy Birthday", she says "Happy, Happy"! Thanks to everyone who remembered Teeps on his big day. We love you all, your cards, letters, songs, licorice carmels. Birthdays are the best.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Night of Nights

So Tyler and Christine decided to have a reception in my parent's backyard. It was the yard that we grew up in. The yard where we played soccer and baseball with all the neighborhood kids. The yard that Bonnie challenged all the adults to race her. The yard that John sustained multiple head/bodily injuries. The yard where Scott threw rocks at menacing bullies. The yard where I would flip round and round the bars. The yard where our mom would garden. The yard where we'd play "around the island" with dad vs. throngs of wild children. The yard where we moved a lot of wood piles. The yard where we'd have hanging contests, underdogs, and tire swing rides. The yard of picnics, bird houses, sledding, cutting to Chrisina Travis' house, slip n' slides, cartwheels, bubbles, happiness, happiness, happiness. Childhood. All grown up now, my sister Christine, so beautiful and full of love. We love you!