Monday, February 16, 2009

Love, love, love all around!

Valentine's Day ranks pretty high on the Teeples family favorite holiday list. We are all about home-made cards, sugar cookies, chocolately treats, and special dates. Tyson gave the girls each a red rose in a separtate vase tied with ribbons. We ate the world's best waffles on our heart plates with whipped cream and strawberries. We cut our peanut butter sandwiches into heart shapes for lunch. We danced to love songs. The kids even got an unexpected gift from mom and dad. A hula-hoop for Kazoo, legos for Buzz, and a Wall-E book for Ez. Dad got new dry erase markers and mom got Willow the movie with treats! It is the simple things of life that bring great happiness. We are so happy!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Pezzy Doodle turns 2!

Happy, happy birthday to sweet Ezra! Ez loved all his gifts, his "cuk" (cake), and of course his "buh-da-boons" (birthday balloons)! He is talking like a champ and he loves to tell jokes. He is so friendly and always says hello to strangers when we are in a store--"Allo"! Everybody loves him and this only encourages his tendency to show off. If he really's happy, he'll sing "ya, ya, ya, YODA"! and stand on his head!