Sunday, April 19, 2009

Shootin' the Carribean breeze...

Some highlights from our trip:
*spending time with our wonderful friends Scott and Lindsay
*Clearwater Beach, Florida. We bought shell necklaces from a real hippy.
*Ping-pong tournaments, although we never won! There are some serious players out there! Our favorite was a kung-fu ping-pong serve. Intense.
*Guest talent show on the boat. Nat sings The Sound of Music's "My favorite things" as one of the six acts. Feeling like a rock star the rest of the trip as people call Nat by name and compliment her song.
*Riding ATVs through the jungle in Mexico. Seeing lizards and a tarantula and a monkey
*Snorkeling in the coral reefs of Grand Cayman, exploring the ship wreck and taking pictures with our underwater camera.
*Reading the Book of Mormon for 4 hours straight on Easter sunday.
*Eating salmon!!!
*Spending time, uninterrupted, with just the two of us! Memories for a lifetime!

Friday, April 10, 2009

These things are fun, and fun is good!

We are alive in Minnesota! We have been up to lots of family games, outings to the zoo, learning how to do HOT LOOPS (oh yeah), and watching spring thaw. Happy are we!