Sunday, February 17, 2013

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Idaho Trip July 2010

When I say trip to Idaho, I mean ROAD TRIP, as in 40+ hours in the car with the ones I love. And it is love, after all, that motivates us to make sacrifices. So...some of the highlights of the trip included: staying at Hotel Noffze, running the Liberty 5k with Tyson, Jace, and Emily, 4th of July parade in Rexburg, visiting great grandpa's grave in Groveland, Rodeo!, Uncle Evan's fireworks, celebrating great grandma Teeple's birthday, Jenny's lake hike to Inspiration Point, the boat ride, Merry Piglet's Mexican Cuisine, Yipp-i-0 Candy store, Porter park with Kruckenbergs, Spa night and edible chocolate face masks, boys Airbender movie night, firepit smores and triscuits with melted cheese, foot races, ninja fighting with Uncle Jace, singing to Emily's accompanyment, super sweet sewing project with Cortney, bikes, jump ropes, craft projects with grandma and grandpa, frisbees on the roof, no bears are out tonight, and so much more!! We love you all! God be with you 'till we meet again.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Monday, July 12, 2010

We believe in Fairies

McKinzi basically is a fairy, or, at least she thinks so. She loves to read about fairies, dream about fairies, make up games and role plays about fairies. was my pleasure to throw her a fairy birthday party. We had a "treasure" hunt and made our findings into jewelry. We decorated garlands with flowers. We even made miniature fairy gardens. I was surprised how much fun I had at the party! As my daughter gets older, it has been really fun to do crafts together. I am always amazed at the creativity and imagination of a child. These girls really got their craft on!! So fun. So cute. Darling daughter, may all your fanciful dreams come true.

Scott and Aubrey's Wedding--June 2010

Beautiful Washington state makes an ideal place for a June wedding. I should know, because 10! years ago Tyson and I were married in the same month, the same temple, and the same sealing room as Scott and Aubrey. My favorite part of the whole trip was watching my baby brother Scott and my new sister Aubrey look at eachother across the alter with tears streaming down both of their faces. I felt a renewal of my own covenants and power in the priesthood. I felt my heart grow a little bigger that day. After the celebrations were over, the leftover family took a trip to Bellingham and spent a lovely day at the beach. We CAME as a family united, we SAW crabs and clams and sardines, and we CONQUERED the tide in our impressive sand fortress. Oh it is wonderful, wonderful to me.