Monday, July 12, 2010

We believe in Fairies

McKinzi basically is a fairy, or, at least she thinks so. She loves to read about fairies, dream about fairies, make up games and role plays about fairies. was my pleasure to throw her a fairy birthday party. We had a "treasure" hunt and made our findings into jewelry. We decorated garlands with flowers. We even made miniature fairy gardens. I was surprised how much fun I had at the party! As my daughter gets older, it has been really fun to do crafts together. I am always amazed at the creativity and imagination of a child. These girls really got their craft on!! So fun. So cute. Darling daughter, may all your fanciful dreams come true.


Christine said...

Oh how I love McKinzi and how extremely sweet and wonderful she is!! That looks like a fun birthday party-one I would want to attend:) You are a super mom and Tyson is a super man! We can't wait to see pictures of your family reunion in Idaho (after you recover from these last two entries!!) Thank you!!!!

Lindz said...

What a wonderful idea! It looked like so much fun!!!! Happy Birthday to the cutest little girl ever!

Garrison Propaganda said...

what a cute theme, and cute yummy treats. i love that she thinks shes a fairy.